Here are Best Practices for Submitting Your Newsletter Stories

1. Observe 2 PM Tuesday deadline for the following Thursday’s release (unless by advance arrangement).

2. DO NOT PRE-FORMAT MATERIAL.  A text or Word file and photos or artwork in jpg or png format, along with any notes you’d like to make about presentation, links, etc. are preferred and will work best to get your message across.

More than HALF of our audience read the newsletter on their phones. The difficulty in reading PDFs on mobile devices was a key reason we switched to the new online format. By presenting information in a PDF, you are making it much harder for them to see it.

3. Keep the number of outside links to a maximum of 3. If your material contains more than three links, we cannot guarantee they will all work.

4. DO NOT EMBED LINKS. Links in flyers, png’s and pdf’s will most likely NOT WORK in the newsletter. Supply the URL and a link will be added.

5. Let me know what you’d like. I can do the best job possible tailoring presentation of your article or announcement if I know your desires. Email and I will get back to you. As always, your suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome!

Thank you.

Stacy Smith Bosco,

Communications Coordinator