Gifts of Hope 2023

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Here are the funds received by project:

  1. 1. Help for widows and orphans in Tanzania – over $33,000.  Most of the money will go to build houses for widows.
  2. 2. Friends of Fieldworkers – over $23,000.  This program will help workers and their families buy food and supplies, and take care of emergency needs, in Ventura County.
  3. 3. Harbor House – over $14,000.  This money will buy food, gas, and especially rental assistance, within the Conejo community.
  4. 4. ELCA World Hunger Appeal – almost $14,000.  Farm animals and resources will be made available in impoverished world communities.

Ascension’s Early Childhood Center’s gifts of “Baby Love” for children in Ventura County and Tanzania are included in the totals above. 

Thank you Ascension Community for your remarkable response to this year’s campaign.