A name is added to this list only with the permission of the person or the person’s family

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Vicki Brenner, daughter of Skip Brenner, for successful surgery, guidance for her doctors in planning treatment,  and complete healing of her liver cancer

Becky Halvorson, for smooth and effective chemotherapy, and complete healing from cancer

Judy Marshall, who has been back in the hospital with shortness of breath and edema, for effective treatment

Tomoko Mueller, for smooth and complete recovery from hip surgery


Lara Abounayan

Kyle Ayers

Kim Bach

Alan Baker

Karen Barrows

Maria Bartush

The Bauer Family

Addie Behm

Gloria Benfatto

Carl Bohning

Debi Bing

Skip Brenner

John Burgert

Mary Cartrett

Homer Caston

Dominic Cavaliere

Beverly Clark

Linnea Cortlang

Linda Crabill

Carole Curran

Lilly Curran

Margo Dameron

Andrea Delkeskamp

Carl Dietrich

Jim Downs

John Ernst

Becky and Al France

Terry Gillette

Malia Hassenbein

Brenda Heinrich

Jeanne Hengst,

Bob Herder

Lori Hillman

Penny Hunter

Marilyn Johnson

Micky Johnson

Bob Kielhorn

Scott Klipp

Barbara Krum

Valerie Krum

Tania Lane

Jim Lawson

Dr. Allen Leland

Beth Lugo

Judy Marshall

Sue May

Colleen McCarthy

Sandi Meyer

Shirley Meyer

Verlon Meyer

Jacob Miller

Alyssa Mueller

Bill Munn

Angela Naginey

Tawne Newcome

Paul and Betty Olson

Carol O’Gorman

Orlando Orozco

Brandt Stephen Oschner

Julianne Ota

Dane Pederson

Cherie Pelton

Ashley Peyton

Laurie Peyton

Lois Phillips

Mike Ricci

Marilyn Ripley

Dave Rosinbum

Marilyn Rud

Dick Ruwe

Terry Saldin

Debbie Saunier

Dorothy Scholz

Barb Schornstein

Arnold Schwarz

Margaret Skinner

Jerry Smith

Sydney Squires

Dan Thiel

Jan Timmons

Taty Valladares

Todd Wallace



Connor Braaten, USMC

Scott Clark, U.S. Navy

LCpL. Alexander Daley

Cody Davidson, US Army

Tim David, US Army

Jack Ingles, USMC

ET1 Patrick Maccarone, USN

Jake Marshall, USMC

Scott Mochatel, USCG

LCJG Caroline Truesdell, USCG

Prayers For Our Congregations In The ELCA, Southwest Synod


ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and staff

SWCA Synod Bishop Brenda Bos and staff

Our Channel Islands Conference:

New Hope, Agoura Hills

Mt. Cross, Camarillo

Christ, Goleta

King of Glory, Newbury Park

Holy Cross, Ojai

Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, Oxnard

Our Savior’s, Oxnard

Trinity, Santa Barbara

Emanuel, Santa Paula

Shepherd of the Valley, Simi Valley

Holy Trinity, Thousand Oaks

Trinity, Ventura

(To learn more, ask one of the pastors)


For Ukraine, and help for all those who are suffering, grieving, or displaced, because of the evils of war.


For those suffering the effects of flooding in Pakistan and Mississippi, wildfires in Castaic and other locations, and extreme drought in regions throughout the world