Fair Trade Is About Community

Fair Trade is about building communities of farmers and artisans in a “coming together” — sharing talents, labor, resources, ideas and respect for people and our planet. Fair Trade communities make delicious things to eat and drink and beautiful things to wear and share, and they care for our environment in the process. When we purchase Fair Trade products, and when we share the Fair Trade message with others, we join and we grow the community of Fair Trade. We expand the circle of people enjoying the beauty and deliciousness. We multiply the gifts we give back to those whose hands created that beauty and deliciousness. And we replenish natural resources for the future.  

We remember the three special words on each Senda Fair Trade soccer ball our Ascension community has shared with children at Ascension’s Early Childhood Center and Elementary School: “Joy,” “Respect,” and “Community.”

Simple words. Big message. 

Everyone is invited to join us in our upcoming opportunities as we continue to grow the Fair Trade community at home and abroad. 

Fair Trade is community. Fair Trade is justice for people and for our planet. Everyone is invited to join us in growing the community, expanding the circle and multiplying the impact of Fair Trade for people and our planet.

Fair Trade Product Ordering:

September 16-26, 2022. The Ordering Form is posted on the Fair Trade webpage —  OR CLICK HERE. The form is also available in the church office and in the folder at the Information Desk in the West Narthex.

Outdoor Fair Trade Gift Fair: Sunday, October 9 from 10 AM – 1 PM in the front parking lots. Vendors from Fair Trade LA will have lots of beautiful wearables and shareables available for purchase along with lots of wonderful stories to share about their Fair Trade journey and what Fair Trade means for them. Ascension’s Fair Trade Ministry will be there too with Fair Trade coffee, tea, snacks, cheese and chocolate (in all of its wonderful forms) for purchase along with Fair Trade stories to share as well. 

This event is open to the public. Invite family and friends to join you at worship (9 AM & 11 AM) and at the Gift Fair.

Volunteers are needed to help with setting up and taking down tables and to help vendors unload their merchandise. Contact us at for more information and to volunteer.