Women’s Bible Study, continued

There is much to learn from this gospel written by Luke. A gifted storyteller with a very readable style, Luke was a physician who traveled with Paul and gleaned first-hand stories of Jesus from the disciples.

“There are many things unique to Luke,” says Pastor Steve.

Certainly most of us are familiar with his detailed version of the Christmas story, “but the best things are his emphasis on the Holy Spirit and on prayer,” Pastor Steve notes.

The study begins with “Be Compassionate,” chapters 1-13, and continues with “Be Courageous,” chapter 14-24. It includes lively commentary by the late pastor and theologian Warren Wiersbe, as well as insightful questions sure to spark good discussions.

Because of lingering Covid issues, our structure is a bit different than in the past. Our tables meet independently at church/home rather than altogether in Founders Hall. Periodically through the year, though, the groups will gather for fellowship times in Founders Hall.

Please join us. You can sign up at the table outside the west narthex between Sunday services Aug. 7-Aug. 28. The study is broken into two books and cost is $20 for BOTH books.

P.S. We would like to have a group for ECC and day school moms and also a day Zoom group. If you are interested in leading one, please let one of the women at the sign-up table know or call the church office.