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Finn Bater and his family

As you will remember, we have been in prayer for this young soul in his cancer struggle. Recently, his mother, Missy, and father, Pastor Noah Bater of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, shared this post, a beautiful and deeply moving reminder of the victory we, as Christians, share through our Lord, Jesus Christ:


After some recent tests, Missy and I were informed that Finn’s cancer has either returned or was never fully cured. Regardless, the doctors have told us there is nothing more they can do. The treatments they gave him up to this point were the best they had. Since Finn’s type of cancer is so aggressive, they did give us a couple options, but all they could potentially give us is a little more time (at the expense of wreaking even more havoc on Finn’s little body). So, Missy and I made the difficult decision this week to keep him calm and comfortable until the Lord Jesus calls him heavenward. This could be days; it could be weeks. The timeline is unclear, but the end seems inevitable.

While this news might make it sound like God did not answer our prayers, here’s the reality: for seven months now, our prayer has been for Finneas to get better. Instead, God’s plan was to make him perfect. Our prayer was for Finn’s cancer to be gone, and soon it will be, along with any other future pain or suffering he might have had to endure. Our prayer has been for Finneas to come home, and shortly, that’s exactly where he’ll be, home with Jesus. We prayed for Finneas to live a long, healthy life, and soon, everlasting glory will be his present reality.

Not only has our Savior graciously answered all of our prayers, but each of His answers is infinitely better than what we were requesting. What countless doctors, nurses, and medicines couldn’t do, the blood of Jesus did. This is why we baptize our babies. This is why Easter is such a big deal. This is why we don’t grieve like the rest of the world. Because Jesus really lives and death is truly defeated. Which means everything Jesus says is true and every promise He makes is trustworthy. What more could you ask for than to know your child will rest safely in the arms of Jesus forever? God most certainly answered our prayers. May His Name forever be praised!

Knowing this, please keep praying for Finneas, that the Lord would bring him home quickly and peacefully. Pray for our family, that the emptiness we feel in Finn’s absence would be filled with the peace that surpasses all understanding. Pray for us but don’t feel sorry for us. We are only to be pitied if Christ has not been raised. “But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep” (1 Corinthians 15:20). Soon this will include Finneas, one day you and me as well—asleep in Jesus, waiting for His precious voice to wake us up forever.

We will spend the rest of our lives saying ‘thank you’ to and for all of you. Please know that our Lord used your prayers, cards, gifts, and visits to sustain our family through the most challenging season of our lives. Forgive us if we didn’t get a chance to reply or acknowledge them all. We treasure all of you and the love you have shown us. There probably won’t be many updates moving forward as we hope to spend as much time with Finneas as we can. That being said, we’ll let everyone know if/when anything changes.

God bless each of you for remembering us in your prayers. We will not forget the kindness and charity you have given us—neither will Jesus. Grace and peace are yours in abundance.

Comforted in Christ,

The Baters