A name is added to this list only with the permission of the person or the person’s family

If you have requested prayers for someone and their status has changed, please let us know (). We like to keep these lists updated, and we ask your help. Thank you.

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Dean Shaw and family, on the death of his wife, Jan


Mara Hassenbein’s niece, Lauren Wilson, who is supposed to be graduating in nursing from Arizona State University, but has been dealing with illness doctors find hard to diagnose

Debbie Kirsh’s sister, Linda Livingston, for God’s peace and comfort

Jennie Epper, in hospice, for God’s peace and comfort

Judy Marshall’s brother, Bruce, recently hospitalized with emphysema and COPD

Judy Marshall, for healing of her hand following surgery

Judy Marshall’s brother Kirk, awaiting neck surgery


Barbara Appleton

Pastor Sharon Amundson

The Aqa family
Kyle Ayers
Alan Baker

Karen Barrows
Maria Bartush

Marie Baur

Gloria Benfatto

Susie Bogeberg’s sister, Marylynn

John Burgert

Danny Cameranesi
Emma Campbell
Mary Cartrett

Dave Cordes

Donna Corra

Linnea Cortland

Karen Cirks
Margo Dameron and Margo’s granddaughter, Jordan

Carl Dietrich

Julie Delvillar
John Ernst

Jackie Flame

Ken Forester

Becky and Al France

Paul Garretson
Jim Gilbert

Luke Graves

baby Marigold Halseth

Kim Harvey
Malia Hassenbein
Barbara Hearne

Jeff Hines
Penny Hunter

The Iskander family

Sandy Kane

Aaron Keit
Scott Klipp

Jack Koenig
Eve Konstantine

Dick Krum

Valerie Krum
Greg Lane

Judy Lange

RuthAnn Lawrence

Gary Lindgren

Karen Lindgren

Linda Livingston

Beth Lugo

Sue May

Beth Merrill,

Lynne Merrill

Jayne Messier

Sandi Meyer
Shirley Meyer
Jacob Miller

Oliver Mork

Kathleen Mullen

Eva Nehring

Pastor Doris Nolan

Valerie Olguin

Betty Olson

Tracy Olkowsky’s husband, Ken

David Peterson’s brother, Pete

Laurie Peyton

Trey Peyton

Logan Redmond

Marilyn Reeves

Patricia Reimnitz

Dorothy Richardson

Marilyn Ripley

Melanie Ristow

Baby Noah Rowe

Dee Ruwe

Neida Sanchez

Debbie Saunier

Jennifer Schwabauer
Arnold Schwarz

Grace Sica

The Siassi family
Margaret Skinner
Marion Sullivan

Karen Swanson

The Julian Swanson family

Kris and Pete Swavely
Bill Swiontkowski
Kevin Tam

Jan Timmons

Tony Torelli

Taty Valladares

Valerie Vann

Todd Wallace

Jan White

Ken Woerman



Scott Clark, U.S. Navy

LCpL. Alexander Daley

Jack Ingles, USMC

ET1 Patrick Maccarone, USN

Jake Marshall, USMC

Scott Mochkatel, USCG


Our synod is a companion synod with the Lutheran Church in El Salvador. Soon Ascension will begin a sister congregation relationship with a congregation there named Iglesia Luterana Jesús es Amor! We can start praying for them and Pastora Martiza Albertina Cabrillo there.

For our missionaries, Rev. Kristen Engstrom in Zambia, and
Rev. Wal Luot Reat serving in a South Sudan refugee
camp near the border with Ethiopia.

Center for Climate Justice and Faith at PLTS

Pastor David, in Pachacamac, Peru

Filadelfia Lutheran Church, Peru

Pastor John Rutsindintwarane, Rwanda

Our Companion Synods in El Salvador and Hong Kong

ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Response

Corus/ Lutheran World Relief/IMA 

Eric LeCompte and the Jubilee USA Network

Bread for the World

Fair Trade

Guardian Angels

Global Refuge (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service)

Iglesia Luterana Jesús es Amor, our sister church in El Salvador, and Pastora Maritza Albertina Cabrillo

Lutherans Restoring Creation

(To learn more, ask our Global Ministries Team.)


For Mothers.

On Mother’s Day we thank God for placing mothers and mothering figures in our lives who are images of grace, love, tenderness, strength, wisdom, courage, struggle, humor, compassion, and faith. Bring comfort to all who struggle with this day. Amen. – (adapted from ELCA Facebook post)

Memorial Services

Dick Ruwe

May 11 at 2 PM

Don Meyer

June 1 at 2:30 PM

Dr. Allen Leland

June 8 at 11 AM