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Grants/Scholarship Committee: Who We Are And What We Do

Reflecting on Pastor’s Steve’s sermon from last Sunday and recalling one of his grandfather’s favorite verses embodies the duty of Ascension Lutheran Foundation’s Grants/Scholarship committee. Although most of us on the committee – Eric Harrison, Kris Swavely, Don Weeks, and Anita Cohen—probably prefer to stay behind the scenes, following God’s direction, it is practical for us to be known to the congregation and we are delighted to address any questions pertaining to scholarships and grants requests that we recommend be funded.

The purpose of the committee is to review requests for grants and bring recommendations to the Foundation as it provides financial support for our Ascension Lutheran church congregation, its community, and global/synodical needs in a manner that is separate and apart from normal church expenditures. Some past examples of these grants have been refurbishing the altar rails, purchasing the church’s AED equipment, funding Luther League projects, and assisting with VBS expenses, helping fund a community garden, supporting food banks, donations to Lutheran World Relief, Harbor House, and Lutheran Social Service. These are just a few of the many past approved grants.

Our committee meets at least once prior to the Foundation’s quarterly meetings to discuss, review, and make recommendations to the Foundation board regarding grant requests received. In addition, we meet annually to discuss, review, and make recommendations to the Foundation board regarding scholarship applications. Between these meetings, we connect regarding any other issues, questions, or thoughts that relate to grants or scholarships. We also communicate to the donors of each endowment/scholarship as to how the funds from their endowment or scholarship has been awarded for the year.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding how to apply for a grant or scholarship, or how to establish a new endowment or scholarship. With quite a few members worshiping virtually, if you don’t see us at church, you may email us at or visit at and click on contact form.

God’s Blessings and thank you.

Grants and Scholarship Committee