Dear Ascension Family,


Ash Wednesday is next week. Can you believe it? Soon we will begin another Lenten season. This year, let’s join together to worship and observe this special time – not only at our weekend services and Wednesday Holden Evening Prayer services, but each day of the week as well.

How? Well, we’ve prepared a Lenten Calendar for 2023 in which every day contains an activity designed to help us make room for the Holy Spirit to inhabit our lives. The calendar includes invitations to pray as well as play. It invites you to study God’s word as well as serve God’s people. Look upon this calendar not as a rigid formula, but with all grace. This means do what you can, not what you can’t. Challenge yourself, but don’t choke yourself. If you need to tweak it for you, then do so.

We encourage you to look through it now, before Lent begins, so you can begin thoughtfully preparing for the Lenten season. We are distributing printed copies of this calendar at church (pick one up at worship or in the church office), but you can also Browse through it here.

The Lenten Calendar is going to our whole One Ascension community – the church, ECC, and day school. We believe it is so much richer when various ages and groups do the calendar together! We pray this Lent will be transformative as we strive to walk daily with Jesus.