October Is Fair Trade Month!

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We will have a “Pop-Up” sale on Thursday, December 8 from 2:30-4:30 PM in Ascension’s back parking lot. (The gate to the back parking lot will open at 2:30 PM).  Everyone is invited to everything – the ordering process & the pop-up sale. 

If there are items and/or quantities you want to be sure to get, the ordering window is likely your best option. We are happy to add LWR/Latitude Trade Company Chocolate Bars to our ordering options. (Details in the Order Form).  We are saddened to share that the very special Congo coffee we enjoy is not currently available because civil unrest, military action and violence in the DRC have stalled production and shipments. 

If you are looking for gifts and holiday items, our special online ordering link with our friends at SERRV will be activated shortly giving you the opportunity to order Fair Trade wearables & shareables directly from SERRV at your convenience. Orders placed using our Ascension special online ordering link means 20% of purchase totals will be given to our designated recipient – ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response. A purchase from SERRV using our link is a gift that gives to the artisan and to the work of ELCA Disaster Response. Click HERE for the SERRV ordering page.

October – Fair Trade Month –  is coming to a close.  Thirty-one days and so many beautiful & delicious ways to celebrate, share, and promote justice and fairness through Fair Trade.  Thank You All for Being Fair Out There!