Time to stock up for the Project Response Food Drive coming up Feb. 5!


Here are the top asks:


1. Boxed Cereal

2. Canned Meats: chicken, tuna, salmon, Sloppy Joes, oven-roasted turkey, Spam (all varieties)

3. Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, shampoo, Kleenex, toilet paper

4. Breakfast items: Pop Tarts, cereal bars, pancake mix and syrup

5. Beverages: water, sparkling water, juice boxes, shelf-stable milk and chocolate milk

6. Boxed meals: instant potatoes (e.g. scalloped potatoes), Rice-a-Roni

7. Packaged Fruits: canned/container: peaches, applesauce, fruit cocktail

8. Ready-to-eat items such as SpaghettiOs, Raviolis

9. Masa Flour, All Purpose Enriched Flour

10. Jam/jellies

11. Individual serving items (easy to eat in a person’s car)


Rice: canned, dried or packaged

Cooking Oil

Legumes-Beans: dried

Granola Bars- any type

Canned Vegetables: peas, carrots, greens (not corn)

Peanut butter

Pasta Sauces

Snack items: crackers, cheese, peanuts

Cookies and Crackers

All types of dried pasta

Soup- boxed and or canned

Cup of Noodles/ Top Ramen

Mac and Cheese

Barbecue Sauce

Condiments: Mayonnaise, Ketchup, etc.

Other Pantry Items: Any type of housecleaning supplies

Baby supplies/food

THIS WEEKEND we are providing grocery bags for those who wish to contribute. We are asking folks to bring them back next weekend (February 6 and 7) to any of the services. There will be a spot in the narthex for people to drop off their goods. We will also have an area set up by the church office from 8:30 AM until noon on the 6th for those who are not attending services to drop off goods.