A name is added to this list only with the permission of the person or the person’s family

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Marcia Koenig and family, on the death of her brother


Principal Rich Gregory’s mother and father, recovering from Covid

Valerie Krum, for successful treatment of pain

Karsten Lundring, for smooth and full recovery after stent surgery

Judy Marshall’s brother, Keith, who had to have his toe amputated due to diabetes, for full recovery

Lynne Merrill, who has not as yet regained her eyesight in her right eye; please pray for complete restoration and full healing, and health for her left eye as well

Dee Ruwe, for full recovery from a broken hip and subsequent surgery


Pastor Sharon Amundson

The Aqa family
Kyle Ayers
Alan Baker

Karen Barrows
Maria Bartush
Gloria Benfatto
John Burgert

Danny Cameranesi
Emma Campbell
Mary Cartrett

Pastor Ken Caudill

Donna Corra

Linnea Cortland

Karen Cirks
Margo Dameron and Margo’s granddaughter Jordan
Carl Dietrich

Julie Delvillar

Andrea Englemann
John Ernst

Becky and Al France

Paul Garretson
Jim Gilbert

baby Marigold Halseth

Kim Harvey
Malia Hassenbein
Barbara Hearne

Jeff Hengst

Greg Hillman
Jeff Hines
Penny Hunter

Sandy Kane

Aaron Keit
Scott Klipp
Eve Konstantine
Barbara Krum
Greg Lane

Judy Lange

RuthAnn Lawrence

Allen Leland

Linda Livingston

Dwight Lofgren

Beth Lugo

Judy Marshall

Sue May

Jayne Messier

Sandi Meyer
Shirley Meyer
Verlon Meyer
Jacob Miller

Pastor Doris Nolan
Betty Olson
Valerie Olguin
Tracy Olkowsky’s husband, Ken

David Peterson’s brother, Pete
Laurie Peyton

Logan Redmond

Marilyn Ripley

Melanie Ristow

Baby Noah Rowe

Dick Ruwe

Tom Saldin
Debbie Saunier
Jennifer Schwabauer
Arnold Schwarz

Terry Shepersky

The Siassi family
Margaret Skinner
Marion Sullivan

The Julian Swanson family

Kris and Pete Swavely
Bill Swiontkowski
Kevin Tam
Dan Thiel
Jan Timmons

Tony Torelli

Taty Valladares
Todd Wallace
Jan White



Connor Braaten, USMC

Scott Clark, U.S. Navy

LCpL. Alexander Daley

Jack Ingles, USMC

ET1 Patrick Maccarone, USN

Jake Marshall, USMC

Scott Mochatel, USCG

LCJG Caroline Truesdell, USCG


Christian Unity 

     (From the World Council of Churches) The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is an international Christian ecumenical observance kept annually around Pentecost in the Southern Hemisphere and between 18-25 January in the Northern Hemisphere….

     With roots going back over 100 years, the dedicated octave of prayers has been jointly commissioned and prepared since 1966, after the Second Vatican Council, by the Roman Catholic Church and the WCC.

Prayer for the Week

     We pray, O gracious Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that we all may be one as you are one. In your community of complete unity, we have our beginning and our end. To you we pray, asking for the gift of visible unity among all who believe in your Christ.

     As we commemorate this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we are reminded by your Word that all human beings are our neighbors and that we are to love them like ourselves and in the same way we love you. Help us to overcome the barriers and divisions we have nurtured against your will.

     Grant to us, O Lord, a new Spirit of love and solidarity, that we may proclaim your good news to all of creation. We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, who with you and the Holy Spirt are one God, for ever and ever. Amen.