Gifts of Hope 2021:

Great News: More than $90,000 Raised

Despite being held amid waves of the ongoing pandemic…Despite the necessity of creating new, hybrid ways of doing things…Despite supply chain worries and cancellation necessities…Somehow, thanks be to God, our Gifts of Hope 2021 campaign raised more than $90,000!

These monies will provide educational opportunities, health care, hunger relief and HOPE through the Malagasy Lutheran Church; New City Parish of Los Angeles, Inglewood and Compton; and ELCA World Hunger (through God’s Global Barnyard).

Thank you to our Ascension congregation, School and Foundation and to Thrivent for all your donations. Our gratitude and appreciation also goes out to New City Parish and leaders Jennifer Echols, Willa Glover and Phil Allen. Pastor Robin Brown and Sharon Magnuson of the ELCA – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and dedication, including traveling cross country and speaking here, on behalf of Gifts of Hope. Pastor Themba in Madagascar – thank you for your sermon and for bringing us closer to your world.

We recognize the good works and partnership of SERRV International and Fair Anita; because of SERRV, we are able to contribute $214 to Lutheran Disaster Response through GOH 2021, and because of Fair Anita, another $129.

And finally, for the bottomless generosity of giving your time, talent and treasure all Gifts of Hope season long, we are grateful to our GOH Team: Carol Bjelland, Eloise Cohen, Dave Harkins, Tamara Nowlin, and Mary Wennes, plus church staff Stacy Bosco and Pastor Steve Herder.



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St. Mark's middle school gathering
New City Parish 2
Pastor Robin
Pastor Themba
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