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Called to create opportunities for all people to become devoted followers of Christ

September 25, 2022

Grace and peace to you my sisters and brothers in Christ,

When was the last time you thought about… really thought about the profound meaning of Holy Communion?  For me it’s been a while. 

So this week, as I have been preparing my thoughts on this 3rd installment of our Get the Blessing, Be the Blessing series, wow!  The depth of the meaning of the bread and the wine and what eating and drinking them does for us and to us is unfathomable.  There is a reason we are called to do it each time we gather for worship.  I look forward to talking more about this this weekend.

Also, just another reminder that we are gathering in Founders Hall from 10:10 to 11 for our Annual meeting this Sunday.

See you there!


16th annual Blessing of the Pets!

6 PM, October 2, in the upper barking lot!

All are welcome!

Bring your pets— or bring photos of your pets. Invite your neighbors to come and bring their pets. If a dear pet of yours has died, bring a photo, and we will pray for your comfort, and give thanks for the joy and love that your pet did share.

If you don’t have a pet, you are welcome to come anyway, and enjoy this warm-hearted service in appreciation of all God’s wonderful creatures! 


Annual Report and Annual Meeting

Once a year we produce an annual report that showcases everything that has gone on at Ascension over the previous year. Please take time to read it and join us in celebrating how much we’ve been able to accomplish together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

Here is the Annual Report LINK.

The report also includes an important overview of our budget.

Church Council President Ed Klodt invites you to “read the Annual Report, come to worship this Saturday night or Sunday, and then come join us for the Annual Meeting” — this Sunday, September 25, starting at 10:10 AM, in Founders Hall.

Refreshments will be served.

Ascension is the Place To Be on October 9th!

On Sunday, October 9, there’s worship, learning, shopping & fun – all happening at Ascension!

This is a great opportunity to invite family & friends to join us at Ascension.  There’s worship at 9 & 11 AM.  There’s fun learning for children and grown-ups – “Hands-On Sunday School” during the 9AM worship service for children and the Adult Education hour moves outside with the opportunity for everyone to learn about Fair Trade personally and directly from Fair Trade artisans at the Gift Fair. And there’s shopping too.

Outdoor Fair Trade Gift Fair: Sunday, October 9th from 10 AM – 1 PM in the front parking lots. Vendors from Fair Trade LA will have lots of beautiful wearables and shareables available for purchase along with lots of wonderful stories to share about their Fair Trade journey and what Fair Trade means for them. Ascension’s Fair Trade Ministry will be there with Fair Trade coffee, tea, snacks, cheese and chocolate (in all of its wonderful forms) for purchase along with Fair Trade stories to share as well. Ascension’s Quilters will be there too with beautiful things their very talented hands have made.  This event is open to the public. Let’s all be ambassadors of welcome to those visiting Ascension’s campus that day.  

Volunteers are needed to help with setting up and taking down tables and to help vendors unload their merchandise. Contact us at for more information and to volunteer. 

If you can’t make it to the Gift Fair or if you want to purchase your favorite Fair Trade products (coffee, tea, chocolate, snacks & cheese) before the Gift Fair, we’ve got you covered.  There is Fair Trade Product Ordering September 16-26, 2022. The Ordering Form is posted on the Fair Trade webpage OR CLICK HERE. The form is also available in the church office and in the folder at the Information Desk in the West Narthex.

Everyone’s invited to join in the fun. We look forward to seeing you. Let’s Be Fair Out There! 

Personal Care Kit
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Spreading Love And Hope Through Personal Care Kits: A One Ascension Service Project

ONE ASCENSION will soon assemble, pack and ship over 1,000 personal care kits to Lutheran World Relief.  

Through your generous gifts, materials are being ordered for 1000 personal care kits.

Groups at Ascension are scheduled to assemble the kits the first week of October.

ALC Foundation and our day school children’s chapel offerings are providing funds to ship our kits to an LWR warehouse to be distributed where they are most needed in the world.

People in need all over the world will receive these essential hygiene kits.

If you want to volunteer, contact Louise Evenson, or click here

If you want to donate funds for the kit materials, click here. (Select Other, and write “LWR-Kits” in the Note area)

If you want to see an LWR THANK YOU video, click here.

If you want to read the September, 2022 LWR Situation Report from Ukraine, click here.

New Staff Member Spotlight:

Meet Jenelle Smith

Using her talents to bring people closer to God is a goal, a purpose and a way of life for Jenelle Smith. 

Ascension’s new Administrative Assistant shows that way of life right here, as she brings a vibrant personality and beautiful warm smile to our front office — perfect for a church receptionist. 

“My faith is very important to me, so I’m happy to be working for a church, to come here and get to be part of the community,” she notes. “It’s going really well so far. I feel like I’m getting into the groove of things and getting to know everybody really well, which is awesome.” 

Jenelle has lived in Agoura Hills since she was a toddler. She went to Oaks Christian School from sixth grade through high school, then went on to Azusa Pacific University, where she majored in acting for theater and film. She graduated from APU two years ago with a BFA. 

This is where the goal and purpose come in.

She makes it clear, “Acting is important to me, but my faith comes first.” She envisions “acting, but always with a backdrop of faith in Jesus.”

click here to continue…

Five Week Sermon Series Continues this Weekend:

All of life’s events are more special when we celebrate them alongside of others. In fact, life is better together. So why would it be different with worshipping God each weekend?

We’re part of a community that has been coming together like this for centuries. In the process we Get the Blessing. But it doesn’t end there. The cycle continues as we become inspired together to serve others, just as Jesus and his disciples did. That’s when we begin to Be the Blessing. Let’s become inspired together to serve others, just as Jesus and his disciples did.

This weekend and for the next three weekends’ worship services, we’ll feature a sermon series focusing on worship themes that most of us never consider and why worship is so critical to a vibrant, joyful life.

Come join us in September and October to Get the Blessing and Be the Blessing. 

Register by clicking  HERE

Fourth Grade Class Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island

Here’s video of our fourth grade class field trip to Santa Cruz Island: CLICK HERE.

Follow Our School Activities On Instagram!

Children, Youth, & Family Career Opportunities

CYF Administrative Position

CYF Program Leader

First Communion!

Those 1st grade and up are invited to be a part of the First Communion Milestone, alongside their families.  As a part of the class, we’ll bake bread for Communion!  RSVP to , so that we can be sure to have enough bread baking supplies, but come, even if you forget to RSVP!

First Communion Class (choose one):

Sunday, Oct. 2, 1-2:30 pm

Students with a parent or significant adult, in the gym

Sunday, Oct. 9, 1-2:30 pm

Students with a parent or significant adult, in the gym


 First Communion Services (choose one):

Saturday, October 15, 6pm

Sunday, October 16, 9 am, 11 am


Coming Up in Adult Ed.:

Jesus’ Third Way

When Jesus instructed us to “turn the other cheek,” he made it clear he was rejecting the idea of answering violence with violence – the “eye for an eye” found in the book of Exodus. But Jesus is not advocating submission to violence, either. In fact, he gifted us with a third way.

Come to Adult Ed.  Sunday, Oct. 2, at 10:10 in Founders Hall to learn more about it. Pastor Tim will lead this class.

Jesus’ third way involves wisdom and peace. It’s never been more needed than in this time, when there is so much talk of our country being polarized, when controversial topics lead to division. How do we find the path toward agreement to work our conflicts, even the toughest ones, through Jesus? Theologian Dallas Willard once questioned why there aren’t adult ed. classes in HOW to turn the other cheek. That’s a call to action. Join us!

Buto Service and Reception

The service honoring the life of Dr. Tim Buto will be September 24 at 2 PM in the sanctuary. For those who can’t make it in person, the service will be streamed live on our website and Facebook page. 

If you would like to attend the reception, you are kindly asked to RSVP through Signup Genius so the family can plan accordingly. CLICK HERE TO RSVP.


Vigil for

Mark and Jacob Iskander

September 29, 4-6 PM, Three Springs Park

Click HERE for details.

Our Prayer

We pray that you may once again meet the Risen Christ through the Word and Sacrament ministry, and through the fellowship of this family of faith.

If you do not have a church home, we would like to invite you to worship with our Ascension family again.

All people who are baptized and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

May God bless you in your worship!

Pastors Tim Delkeskamp, Steve Herder, & Julie McCain


This Week:

1 Corinthians 10:14-22
Luke 22: 14-22

Next Week:

Acts 2:43-47


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