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July 16, 2023

Grace and peace to you my family in Christ,

Have you heard the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch in the book of Acts? It’s pretty amazing.

I think it’s even more now that I have a friend from Ethiopia, and he has given me his perspective on it.

It’s amazing how one act of courage on the part of one of God’s people can change history. We know that is what happened with Philip in his meeting this Ethiopian on the road. But, do you think it would happen to you?

Let’s talk more about this at worship this weekend.


VBS 4 welcome
vbs the stage
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VBS 17 narthex
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Our Stellar VBS has blasted off to a memorable orbit of Bible learning, songs, games and lots of fun activities. If you haven’t been able to check out Ascension in space yet, do take a look at the photos above. And be sure to come Sunday, when VBS attendees will sing at the 9 o’clock service!

vbs 11 kids god spotting
vbs 15 god spotting again 2
vbs 15 god spotting again 2 2
vbs 15 god spotting again
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VBS 16 god spotting 16
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Just like at Ascension Lutheran School, at VBS the attendees have been God Spotting — taking moments to stop and realize wonderful things, big and small, that God does for us in our everyday lives. At Stellar VBS, they posted favorites in the sanctuary.

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vbs 3 info 2
vbs 2 trifold
vbs 1 info hut

Everyone is Invited to Join with VBS to “Shine Jesus’ Light in Burure!”

Ascension’s Global Ministries Team has been blessed to partner with Pastor Julie and VBS in the past and we’re so happy we get to do it again this year! 

One year, the VBS offering, collected in a mosquito net-covered “Indiana Jones-like” treasure chest, provided life-saving, ELCA Good Gift malaria-preventing mosquito nets for children and families in two African villages.  

Another year, the VBS offering, collected in a camping canteen, provided new water bottles on the first day of school for the children at the ELCA’s Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Arizona.  

This year, VBS is going Stellar – Shining Jesus’ Light. The VBS offering will “Shine Jesus’ Light in Burure” by providing power and internet access for infohut computers in Burure, Zimbabwe.  Infohuts are cargo shipping containers converted to classrooms, each with about 20 computers.  Children use the infohut computers to learn about God and the world around them, to learn traditional school subjects, and to learn about health, safety and peacebuilding. 

In 2011, Ascension’s Gifts of Hope gifts helped bring electricity to the community of Burure. In 2014, Gifts of Hope gifts helped build an infohut.  Everyone is invited to join with VBS to “Shine Jesus’ Light in Burure.”  Offering gifts are being collected in the infohut model in the West Narthex. Don’t forget to add a computer or light bulb medallion to the infohut! Each $5 of offering gives a day of powered-up computers with internet access and opens up a world of learning for the children in Burure.  

Saddle Up and Don’t Miss This Special Event!

Did you know, the Nineteenth Annual Day of the Cowboy is coming up on Saturday July 22?

That means a noteworthy night is in store for those who attend Nancy Lee’s cowboy-themed worship service at 6 o’clock. Pastor Tim will lead, and on hand will be cowboy Pastor Mike Sheridan with a special message.

Western music will be the order of the evening, of course, and everyone’s encouraged to wear Western clothes as desired. Afterwards, Nancy will be serving up some of her famous cobbler. Don’t miss it!

Link to sign up for Cowgirl Peach Cobbler & Ice Cream dessert! 

Fair Trade Lane Will Be Open THIS Sunday July 16 

Fair Trade Lane is open Sunday from 10:10-10:55 AM. This is a great opportunity to stock up on Fair Trade favorites, including Red Barn Family Farms Cheddar Cheese, for summer gatherings, picnics, or a treat to enjoy yourself!

Get a cup of Fair Trade coffee or tea on the patio and come to Fair Trade Lane to shop for some things to take home with you.

At this time, we are not able to accept payment by credit card; payment by cash, check or Venmo only.

We look forward to meeting & greeting you on Fair Trade Lane!

How Can You Help People Who are in Crisis?

After more than 500 days of war in Ukraine, your support for Lutheran World Rrelief’s largest humanitarian operation in their more than 75-year history is providing hot meals and shelter in UKRAINE for more than 1,000 people every day.  Over 17,590 hand-made quilts have been distributed to Ukrainian refugees with more than 27,860 care kits distributed in Ukraine and Poland to refugees and displaced people.  Mobile medical clinics staffed with medical teams have provided specialized services for people who have no remaining medical facilities for care of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Will you help bring HOPE again this year by supporting the Lutheran World Relief kits project here at Ascension?”

In Times of Disaster, Quilts and Kits are an Answer to Prayer

For more than 75 years, Lutheran World Relief has responded to war, disaster and emergency by turning the compassion of quilters and kit makers like you into tangible items that meet urgent needs and offer glimpses of home for families experiencing crisis.

Although a quilt or a bundle of hygiene supplies might seem like a drop of help in an ocean of need, these basic necessities might be impossible for families to find on their own in the wake of disaster.

Onur and Feride Aaikgöz say their familiy could get “nothing at all” in the aftermath of the February 6 earthquake that destroyed their city and their home in Türkiye.

“People looted most of the markets,” Mr. Aaikgöz told Lutheran World Relief. “They looted the big shopping malls and left nothing.”

A large-scale disaster, like those our neighbors in Türkiye and Ukraine are experiencing, often means stores and markets are shut down. Transport becomes extremely limited. It gets cold at night, and the simple act of handwashing might become a luxury. LWR Quilts & Kits serve as a first response to basic material needs, getting families through until longer-term solutions can be found. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

Ladies, Let’s Get Our Acts Together!

A frightened band of dispirited disciples, a zealous persecutor of followers of Jesus Christ, the advent of the Holy Spirit and the birthing of the Church—it’s all there in the book of Acts, the focus of our Women’s Monday Morning Bible Study year that begins Monday, Sept. 11, and continues Mondays through May 6, 2024.

If you’ve attended WMMBS before, we hope you’ll come back to our family again. And if you’ve never been a part of WMMBS, we hope this year will be your year to join us. We’re about 50 women strong (we meet in small groups) and we’re united by our love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, our yearning to learn more about His will and His way and our care for each other.   

This year’s morning study will center on Warren W. Wiersbe’s two-book series on Acts, “Be Dynamic” and “Be Daring.” Cost is $30, payable at registration, and includes the two books.

The Thursday evening Zoom group (contingent on at least five participants) will also study Acts, but will use N.T. Wright’s single-book study, “N.T. Wright for Everybody: Acts.”  Registration is required, but no payment as each participant will purchase her own book through Christianbook.com or Amazon ($8.99 or $9.45 respectively). 

Sign-ups for both kick off Sunday, July 23, and end Aug. 13 (registration deadline).

Want to register and/or ask questions? We’ll have a table on the patio after the 9 AM Sunday service, July 23 and 30, and Aug. 6 and 13. Please come by; we’d love a chat.

Online registration/payment will also be available July 23-Aug. 13 on our website, ALCTO.org.

Please join us—Bible study is better together!

A Date to Remember for Youth and Young Adults

The 2024 ELCA Youth Gathering has been expanded – there will now be a Young Adult Gathering for those ages 18-25 held at the same time. If you or someone you know was denied the chance for a youth gathering experience by covid cancellations, this could be a great opportunity. The dates are July 16-20, 2024. Check out the Created to Be online information HERE and stay tuned for more information about scholarship possibilities. 


Recently, many of you took the time to answer questions about your views on our worship services. The survey results shown below include not only your latest responses, but those from last autumn as well, to give our Council and other leadership a look at changes that might have taken place within that time frame. Check them out for yourself.


Parents of 6th-8th graders!

Share your feedback about what ministries you’d like to see for your kids this year: CLICK HERE.


Offerings & Attendance

Do you have a musical talent that you would be willing to share with the congregation? Either instrumental, vocal or dance, or some combination of those. We are in need of special music during our summer services.

 Please email and your information will be forwarded to the worship planners. 

Our Prayer

We pray that you may once again meet the Risen Christ through the Word and Sacrament ministry, and through the fellowship of this family of faith.

If you do not have a church home, we would like to invite you to worship with our Ascension family again.

All people who are baptized and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

May God bless you in your worship!

Pastors Tim Delkeskamp,  Julie McCain, and Steve Herder


This Week:

1 Kings 19
Psalm 100
Acts 8:26-40
Matthew 5:14-16

Next Week:

Isaiah 44:6-8
Psalm 86:11-17
Romans 8:12-25
Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

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