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May 8, 2022

Good Shepherd’s Sunday/Mother’s Day


Dear Ascension Family,

On this Mothers’ Day Weekend, we will talk about the voices of mothers. Then we will talk about the voice of God.


In the Gospel of John, Jesus says we are his sheep and his sheep know his voice.


How do we know the voice of God? How do we discern what is true and not true? How do we know that it is God who is speaking to us?

How can that voice of God give us direction, comfort, and hope?


I look forward to spending this Mothers’ Day Weekend with my children and our church family.



Grace & Peace,


Pastor Chamie



Tomato plant sale:


Even though Ascension’s student tomato farmers faced some unusual challenges with soil this year, they brought forth their crop! And we got to share the joy of their plant sale.

Ascension students have so taken to gardening that some of them have started gardens at home. What a delight it is to see the growth — and not only the physical kind. We see the fruit of the Spirit growing here in abundance as well.

This past weekend, tomato plant sales brought in just over $2,300.

They will be selling plants this Saturday, May 7, at the Fair Trade Gift Fair that will be held in our Ascension parking lot,10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Watch the video above by Pastor Chamie Delkeskamp.

Don’t miss this!

The Fair Trade Gift Fair is Here at Last!

The Fair Trade Gift Fair is on Saturday, May 7, 10 AM-2 PM in the parking lot.

Invite family, friends & neighbors to come. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the fair!

CLICK HERE for a preview of some of the vendors who will be on hand offering wearables & shareables.

A Treat for Mom – And Everyone

Saturday, May 7, our 6 o’clock worship service will have some nice tributes to Moms, this being Mother’s Day Eve.

Afterward, there will be Nancy Lee’s special homemade strawberry shortcake available as part of the post-service fellowship time, a nice treat for Mom, and anyone else who’d like a slice of this yummy dessert!

All we ask is that you sign up in advance if you want shortcake, so Nancy will know how much to make. Thanks! Signup Here

Don’t miss this:

We’re Invited for a Musical Treat!

Ascension Lutheran School’s spring show – “Miss Nelson is Missing” – is coming up May 13 at 6 PM. It’s going to be a fun evening, so please come. It’s a great opportunity to support our students and school.

Calling All Graduates and Families of Graduates!

We are planning a congratulations tribute to all of Ascension’s sons and daughters who are completing milestones in education this year — and WE DON’T WANT TO LEAVE ANYONE OUT!

Families, we need your graduating student’s NAME, SCHOOL and, if applicable, COLLEGE DEGREE.

Please email , or drop off your information at the church office.

Chili Cook-Off Trash Clean up was a lot of work, but somehow this group made it fun too! Great job all!

May 15 Adult Ed

Prof. Arto Kallioniemi is a Professor of Religious Education at the University of Helsinki. He also holds a UNESCO Chair on Values, Dialogue and Human Rights. He has published several books and articles in the field of religious education, diversity and human rights. At the moment he is involved in a Peace Education project. He is also a Finnish Lutheran priest. He is a visiting scholar at Californian Lutheran University with funding from the Fulbright Organization.
       Dr. Kallioniemi will give a presentation about Inter-Worldview dialogue — how can we promote understanding and cooperation with people of different backgrounds?

Healing from the Pandemic

Ascension Lutheran School is hosting a talk by Dee Dee Mayer from Pepperdine’s Boone Center for the Family on May 12, to guide us into healing from the pandemic.

In addition to her role at Pepperdine, Dee Dee is the former Associate Head of School for Spiritual Life at Oaks Christian School, a therapist with a thriving private practice, a Doctoral student, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and one of Principal Rich Gregory’s closest friends.

This event is free of charge for all school, ECC, and church families, and will be held from 7-8 PM in person on campus. Please do not bring children to this event. Please rsvp to  if you’re planning to come.

Can you help?


We need lots of volunteers for July 11 – 15!

Did you know:

  • We have roles that require zero prep?
  • Those 7th grade and up can help!
  • We are especially in need of an energetic MC for our opening and closing time.
  • Even if you’re not available July 11-15, we can use you to help us prepare.

If you think you can’t or you feel a little scared of the idea, remember: that’s often how God’s call feels! Can you help? Want more info? Come and talk to me!

We’re halfway to our goal!


Please help Cam Lorentson recover the loss of his tools and truck accessories.

As you may know, he recently had his truck stolen — a truck that has carried countless loads for Ascension through the years. Insurance is covering the basics, but a number of important items will have to be replaced out of pocket.

WE’RE HALFWAY TO OUR GOAL! Please help us go the rest of the way!

See the GoFundMe page HERE.

Baptism This Weekend

Merrick Thomas Bail
Born: March 11, 2022

Ascension Lutheran School Announces New Sixth Grade Leadership Academy




Our school is special! Please watch and share. Now enrolling.

CLICK HERE to watch video.

Our Prayer

We pray that you may once again meet the Risen Christ through the Word and Sacrament ministry, and through the fellowship of this family of faith.

If you do not have a church home, we would like to invite you to worship with our Ascension family again.

All people who are baptized and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

May God bless you in your worship!

Pastors Tim Delkeskamp, Steve Herder, & Julie McCain


This Week:

Acts 9:1-6 [7-20]
Psalm 30 (11)
Revelation 5:11-14
John 21:1-19

Next Week:

Acts 9:36-43
Psalm 23 (1)
Revelation 7:9-17
John 10:22-30

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