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This Week At Ascension

Called to create opportunities for all people to become devoted followers of Christ

May 21, 2023

Friends in Christ,

On Saturday at 6 PM and Sunday at 11 AM, Pastor Tim will preach on 1 Peter—I’ve heard a taste of it and can promise that it’s gonna be a deep one!

Sunday at 9 AM we’ll confirm the faith of students who have  been hard at work for two years, and who will lead much of the service themselves.

One of the most beautiful things about our faith is that we get to do it together; join us on Sunday and help the Confirmation students to see what together really means.

Also, regardless of which service you attend, could you scroll to their names in the newsletter and spend some intentional time praying for each of them?

I’m deeply grateful for your partnership in faith!


Alexander Alvarez
Alexander Alvarez
Jack Chandler
Jack Chandler
Jude Klemp
Jude Klemp
Drew Lorentson 
Drew Lorentson 
Adam Parker
Adam Parker
Hunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace

A Letter from Church Council President Ed Klodt – Security and Land Sale Update

Please click THIS LINK to view letter originally sent out earlier this week.

Pastor Chamie’s News

In case you missed it, Pastor Chamie Delkeskamp this week shared with Ascension Lutheran School families and on social media major news regarding big changes ahead:

I have danced between the Methodist and Lutheran churches for all my adult life. I graduated from a Lutheran seminary 25 years ago this month as a Methodist student, though I had a very serious crush on a Lutheran student. 

My first pastoral appointment was as the campus pastor at South Dakota State University. When I married that Lutheran boy who became much more than a crush, we moved to California and he served a Lutheran church while I served a nearby Methodist church in Orange County. 

Then we moved to Thousand Oaks where he served at Ascension Lutheran Church and I served a couple miles away at the Methodist church. Then Baby #3 came along and I left the local church to have more freedom in momming. 

In 2010, Principal Diann Lavik called me into her office, asking me to consider the position of being Ascension Lutheran School’s campus pastor. I have done that now for 13 years, all the while keeping my foot in the Methodist door with things like retreat leading and guest preaching. It has been 13 years at Ascension… and together we have been through great joys and pits of grief. I have loved this place deeply. 

But in this month of the 25th anniversary of me becoming a Methodist pastor, Bishop Dottie Escobedo-Frank has discerned that I will be the next lead pastor at North Hollywood First United Methodist Church – which also has a TK-8th grade school on its campus – beginning July 1. Methodists do things very differently than Lutherans in that churches do not “call” pastors; rather, bishops “appoint” pastors. There is no long call process of interviews between congregations and pastors. For these past 13 years, my Methodist bishop has “appointed” me to serve outside the bounds of the Methodist church, allowing me to be at Ascension. But this year, without ever stepping foot in the church or meeting anyone from the congregation, I received the notice that my bishop, along with her cabinet, felt the Spirit had had directed them that I was to serve in North Hollywood. That means my last school chapel will be on the last day of school, Friday, June 9, 9:00 AM.

Depending on which moment you catch me, I am either feeling the grief of the goodbye or the excitement of the upcoming hello. What is steady through it all is my confidence that God’s got this and it is good.

Calling All Graduates!

Thank you, Lory Breitzman!

We attempted to figure out how many communion cups and wafers have been prepared for Ascension worship services by Lory Breitzman through the years that she’s been attending to these sacramental elements. As best we can tell, it must be a bazillion by now. Lory also takes care of  other matters, including monitoring supplies for communion as well as candle oil and wax candles. When you stop and think about the steady workload this entails, as well as the responsibility, week after week, you can’t help but be touched by her faithful service. Thank you, Lory. 

Congregational Meeting

June 25

After 9 AM Worship

Do you have a musical talent that you would be willing to share with the congregation? Either instrumental, vocal or dance, or some combination of those.

We are in need of special music during our summer services.

 Please email and your information will be forwarded to the worship planners. 

There’s More to Chocolate than Meets the Taste Buds

Come to Adult Ed May 21, Find Out and Taste for Yourself

“The best Ingredient in Chocolate is Social Justice” —  Gillian Goddard.  We Agree!

Who is Gillian Goddard, you ask? She’s the Convenor of the Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective Steering Committee, the founder and director of the Alliance of Rural Communities, and farmer/owner of Sun Eaters Organics farm in Trinidad and Tobago. What’s the Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective, you ask?  Come to Founders Hall on Sunday, May 21 from 10:10-10:50 AM and you’ll find out! Here’s a hint: The Collective is the only Black-led organization uniting African and Caribbean cocoa-growing and chocolate-making communities behind a single brand. By sharing their knowledge, insight, talents, support, and encouragement, they are committed to their dream of turning cacao farmers into chocolate makers.  

There will be a test – a taste test that is! We’ll be tasting chocolate from Nigeria, Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.  Will you be able to tell the difference between the various chocolates?  You won’t want to be absent from class on May 21 … there may be some surprises too.

Global Ministries Team Seeks Donations for Refugees

The Conejo Interfaith Refugee Team helps new arrivals from Ukraine, Afghanistan and other countries as they resettle in our area. Current donation needs are for gift cards for groceries, and small apartment furniture such as dressers, small dining room tables with chairs, microwaves, TVs, coffee tables, end tables, lamps, rugs”.

Please contact our global ministries team if interested.


Ascension’s New Member Class

Would you like to take another step in your spiritual journey with God and Ascension Lutheran Church? If so, we would like to invite you to be a part of our next New Member class on Sunday, June 11, from 12-2pm.  This meeting will focus on the basics of the Christian faith and on the ministry of Ascension. Childcare is available and lunch will be provided.  

 To RSVP, please call the church office at (805) 495-0406 or email Jenelle Smith at . RSVP by June 5.

AL School Food Drive

Ascension Lutheran School is pitching in to help our food pantry with a food drive – and we can pitch in to help them help, too! May 17-24, bring your donations to the church office during the week, or drop them off at church when you come for weekend services. The need is great. In one recent Friday alone, our pantry gave away more than 60 bags of food to our neighbors who came asking for help. Above is the list of most-needed items. Remember, we can’t give out any expired food.

Full-Time Job Opportunity at Ascension

Ascension Lutheran Church is looking for a new administrative assistant to add to our team. This is a vital opportunity for the right person: It is a full-time position that includes health and retirement benefits and a potential school discount. Interested parties, please check details at Career Opportunities at Ascension – Ascension Lutheran Church Thousand Oaks (alcto.org)

VBS needs:

A metal trash can (we’ll give it back after vbs!)

Toilet paper rolls

Please bring any donations to the church office!

Join Our Monday AM Bible Study in Helping a Dream Come True!


Want to help nurture a dream? Our own Ascension Lutheran School, which has a Nature Explore Certified Outdoor Classroom and is also a National Wildlife Federation Certified Schoolyard Habitat, has a big one—to have its own greenhouse.

Our Women’s Monday Morning Bible Study members want to help grow that dream into a reality. We’re hoping you’ll want to help, too.

 A large greenhouse has long been a dream at Ascension School. There was once a small one located where the early childhood center now stands, says Pastor Chamie Delkeskamp, head of our school’s Religious Studies, Garden & Nature Lab. It was, she says, “a wonderful little nook of warmth for adults to gather for conversation and prayer in the cool winter months”, as well as a place for students to grow their tomato plants.

But in 2013, the little greenhouse was irreparably damaged by fierce Santa Ana winds.

 “We have not had any greenhouse, minus the pop-up tent kind, for the last several years,” Pastor Chamie says. It’s been quite challenging to raise hundreds of plants in that environment, especially this past winter when it was cold, cloudy, and rainy. Indeed, she says, the little pop-up blew over “and the kindergarten class had damage to their ‘plant people’ and the 4th grade class lost half of their edible flowers.” As well, the tomato plants took much longer to grow.  

 School plans call for a garden and outdoor learning/gathering area to surround a bungalow and the hope is to one day have a grand Hartley greenhouse there. But that could take a while, so the school is hoping that next school year, a sturdy greenhouse that could even be used by adults for Bible studies and prayer will be on site.

 “And of course,” Pastor Chamie says, “we want groups of students to be able to seed, start and tend plants all winter long.”

 So what do you say? Can you help grow a dream? If so, you may send a check to the Ascension office with “Greenhouse project” in the memo, or place it in the offering plate.  

 And Pastor Chamie says, “Thank you for helping to make this happen!”

A Place for Angela

Cal Lutheran international student Angela Abalo is looking for summer housing such as a room with someone from a local church. She can also use our prayers. Here is some information from Angela:


Thank you so much again for all your help i’m just giving you the information for the summer. I’m an international student from Kenya. I won’t be able to travel home this summer. It is my goal to work and earn as much as I can to continue my education. I need housing this summer as well.

Looking for housing details:

The date I need housing from is June 15th to August 10th. I love helping out around the house. I love kids so much and would love helping out with kids. I could also tutor them with school work like math and also teach them how to rollerblade and a foreign language like Italian and Swahili because I speak four languages. I would need just a little transportation so I could use the bus when possible.

Unexpected financial hardship:

My family’s business was demolished so they had to close it down. It may take up to a year and a half.


I am able to work on campus this summer and I already have a job, but work restrictions mean I can’t work off campus. I can also do babysitting, etc.

My interests are:

Music, Poetry, Mental health, rollerblading and I love new adventures.

I would appreciate any little help.

Thank you so much again!



This summer:


July 10-14

We need lots of volunteers for Vacation Bible School!

Did you know:

  •  We have roles that require zero prep?
  •  Those 7th grade and up can help!
  •  Even if you’re not available the week of July 10, we can use you to help us prepare.
  •  If you think you can’t or you feel a little scared of the idea, remember: that’s often how God’s call feels!  😊 

Come and talk to me!

Can you help?  Want more info.?  Talk to Pastor Julie:

To Sign Up, go to https://vbspro.events/p/events/ascensionvbs2023

For more info, see ad on this page.

“Come and taste and see that the LORD is good”. Those are words you hear every week as you are invited to the Lord’s Table, to come and receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.  

Six years ago, Ascension Lutheran embarked on a new ministry, called Eucharistic Ministry. Eucharist is a Greek term that means “Thanksgiving”. 

Holy Communion is the time when we come together as a worshiping family to celebrate the great mystery of Christ’s body and blood. For many, it is the highlight of our time together. Unfortunately, there are many in our congregation that cannot be with us for this celebration. These are people who are homebound or in care facilities. Maybe you have been the person in that hospital or shut-in at home and thought how good it would be to receive communion with someone from your church. Maybe you’ve wondered how that happens. Here is your chance to find out!

We have wonderful pastors, there are simply not enough hours in the week to visit everyone frequently. That is where you can help. Eucharistic Ministers take the sacrament from worship to share with our shut-ins. This does not take the place of pastoral visits, but supplements that ministry. By taking communion to those who cannot worship with us, we are including them in the congregations worship. You are reminding them of God’s love and their congregation’s love and concern for them. Your time with them is not simply a “visit from the church”, your time with them will be a continuation of the congregation’s worship.  

We had to stop visits during the height of the COVID pandemic, but are now making visits once again. In the last six years, we have made over 800 visits. We will be holding a one day training class this summer. 

If you are interested; if you are feeling the urging of the Holy Spirit; if you are not sure and are simply curious what this would be like and would like more information, please contact Pastor Steve Herder or Pastor Ron Cox (; cell 805-807-5257).


This summer’s Stellar VBS is looking for a few good builders to construct two primary set decorations for the week-long program in July; a LUNAR LANDER, and a ROVER. 

Ideally, pieces for each item will be created and assembled by a two-person team. Instructions, specs and materials will be provided. Some tools and experience are necessary. 

Soon, we’ll also be looking for crafters to help us build stars, portholes, etc., from home.  

Sign on to the job by visiting the display in the narthex after service, or contacting Pastor Julie: . Mission command thanks you!

Offerings & Attendance

Our Prayer

We pray that you may once again meet the Risen Christ through the Word and Sacrament ministry, and through the fellowship of this family of faith.

If you do not have a church home, we would like to invite you to worship with our Ascension family again.

All people who are baptized and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

May God bless you in your worship!

Pastors Tim Delkeskamp,  Julie McCain, and Steve Herder


This Week:

Acts 1:6-14
Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35
1 Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11
John 17:1-11

Next Week:

Acts 2:1-21
Psalm 104:24-34, 35b
1 Corinthians 12:3b-13
John 20:19-23

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