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Called to create opportunities for all people to become devoted followers of Christ

April 14, 2024

Calling of the Apostles

The Doubt of St. Thomas by James He Qi

Grace and peace to you my family in Christ,

Why is food so important? Have you ever noticed that?

Of course we need sustenance to survive. That is the way we were designed.

But a meal is more than just sustenance. If done right, it’s fellowship. It’s delicious. It’s welcoming strangers who, over the course of a meal, somehow become friends. It’s healing together. It’s sensing joy at a deeper level than our minds can sometimes comprehend.

In other words, it can be a glimpse of heaven.

So, let’s explore this weekend why, when the disciples were struggling with fear and doubt, unclear about the future, Jesus showed up and ate with them. In fact, let’s do more than that. Let’s eat together.

See you in worship!




Pastor Search Update

The Call Committee invites members of the congregation to come to Founders Hall Sunday, April 14, from 10-10:30 AM.  Meet the committee, hear brief updates on the process, share prayer requests.

You are also invited to reach out to the committee by email to

Is there a pastoral prospect you would like to have considered? A promising candidate for Youth Director? Please make them aware of these opportunities and descriptions of the positions by sharing THIS LINK.

Please continue to keep this process and the committees in your prayers, as we ask God to bring us the perfect candidates for our church.

This space is dedicated to keeping our church community apprised of the transition activities as we seek an Associate Pastor and a Youth Director. We are guided by Jeremiah 29:11, leaning especially into “…to give you a future with hope…” knowing that God has a plan for One Ascension!

Baptism This Weekend

Preston James Harrison

Born: March 7, 2023

College Scholarship Applications MUST Be In This Week!

Attention Ascension students and student families: Our Ascension Foundation is making available to you the chance to apply for scholarships. Please click HERE for all the details and forms.

The deadline for applications including letters of recommendation is April 19, 2024.


All scholarships will be awarded by May 24 for the academic year starting  next fall. The recipients will be informed in writing and will be recognized in a church service on June 9, 2024.  

Request a scholarship HERE.



Adult Ed — April 14


Many times each year we are blessed to be witnesses to the baptisms of infants, children, teens, and adults as we gather for worship at Ascension.  The words and actions of the service of Holy Baptism are rich with meaning.  What promises do parents and sponsors make?  What promises does God make?  Why should we regard the Sacrament of Holy Baptism as the most important event in the life of each baptized person?

I invite you to join me for the Adult Sunday School Class on April 14 at 10:30 in the library.  We will look at the baptismal service in detail and talk about the different understandings of this event.   

Pastor Paul

ROL-woman (2)
Distribution of ROL kits and Water in Preobrazhenka
Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 11.47.57 AM
Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 11.48.21 AM

Will you help bring LIGHT and HOPE to people in Ukraine?

Come to Adult Education in the Library on Sunday, April 28 at 10:30 AM to learn about RAY OF LIFE solar light kits and our efforts at Ascension to bring LIGHT to Ukrainians.

CLICK HERE for a video about the Ray of Life kits.

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From Jenni Klemp: Our Easter Sunday morning egg hunt and breakfast! Shannon Lomeli filled all 700 eggs. The Senior Luther League team assembled all the pinwheels while also setting up for the breakfast. Our SLL team hid all the eggs once it stopped raining. We thank Aidan Delkeskamp, who played music for our egg hunt, and Christian Teufel who washed every single dish at the breakfast! Thanks to the youth and adults who worked so hard to provide us with the delicious breakfast!

And thank YOU, Jenni Klemp, for your great leadership!





Be the Blessing
From Ascension Lutheran School:

As we celebrate this Easter season, it makes us really think about all Jesus sacrificed so that He could live in each one of us. Be the Blessing is a One Ascension team that encourages and provides funding for new ministries, and the expansion of current ministries. We want our One Ascension Family to dream big. The Be the Blessing team has already funded many of our ECC and elementary service projects. Some of these include Blessing Bags for the Westlake High School teachers who lost students last year, decorated placemats for Meals on Wheels, household gift baskets to give young adults who have aged out of the foster care system a hopeful start, 60 lunches and 16 Birthday Blessing Bags for Harbor House. How can you be the light in someone else’s life? Use the QR code to visit the website, apply for a grant, and even take the Spiritual Gift Assessment to see where to best use your talents.

News Briefs


April 19 is the deadline for submitting scholarship applications – including two recommendations – to our Foundation for this year.  Pick up a paper application in the office, or visit the scholarship page on the Ascension Foundation website.


If you wish to apply for an Ascension Foundation grant, be aware that the deadline for this quarter is April 15.  Here is a LINK to downloadable grant request forms and the online grant request. 


On May 5 our Chancel Choir, under the direction of Dr. Wyant Morton, will be singing the mass by Franz Joseph Haydn that’s been previewed over recent weeks at our 9 AM worship service. Be sure to be on hand for this special presentation with our choir, which will be accompanied by strings. CLICK HERE for a preview.


The Ascension Hot Meals Ministry, led by Tania and Barry Disselhorst, provides meals on the third Tuesday of each month. It is simple to join in helping to feed the homeless and families in need in Thousand Oaks. Sign up now to help/bring food April 16.


Our Confirmation Service will be May 19.

The Chosen Book Two Study

Book Two: The Chosen 40 Days With Jesus is a great devotional for the Easter Season, taking us from this week to Pentecost. If you want to really follow Jesus and “The Chosen” disciples, delve into this devotional with me, Ruth Rarick, during these 40 days. I will meet with people about the movie Seasons 1-4, and the devotion books, briefly on April 28 during fellowship after both Sunday services and probably on May 12th. Call me or text me- 360-204-0529. — Ruth Rarick


…to our staff on successfully completing the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI) Adult, Child, & Infant CPR & AED course.

We thank our outstanding teacher, Di Starzak (with the red shirt)! Other staff members went through a similar training Monday. This is a ministry of your Community Concerns Team, led by Chris Daleiden. (From Pastor Steve)

Ascension Fair Trade: April Happenings! 

Fair Trade Lane will be open April 18 & April 21. Everyone is always invited. 

April 21 isn’t just April 21 – it’s also Fair Trade’s Sunday Fun-Day.  Bring your taste buds & sense of adventure to our Sunday Sampler Adult Ed Class – April 21 at 10:30 AM in Founders Hall. There will be chocolate, coffee & olive oil tasting along with a bit of learning and, of course, lots of fun and fellowship.  Fair Trade Lane will be open April 21 too from 10-11:30 AM.

Fair Trade fun doesn’t happen just on Fair Trade Lane! We’re taking a road trip & we invite you to join us!   We’ve been invited again to participate in CLU’s Earth Day Sustainability Fair – Friday, April 19 from Noon to 2 PM in Kingsmen Park on the CLU campus. We’ll pack up some Fair Trade favorites & hit the road to spend some fun time with students, staff & faculty at CLU. Everyone is invited to join in the fun.

If you prefer to order your Fair Trade favorites in advance, the April Order Form can be found here and on Ascension’s Fair Trade webpage. Paper copies are in the Church Office and the Narthex. Orders must be submitted by Wednesday, April 17 (3 PM). 

We look forward to meeting & greeting you on Fair Trade Lane in April! 

Fair Trade Lane Open April 21 2024
fair trade travels
Sunday Sampler Adult Ed Class April 21 2024 blue










Earth Day Sustainability Fair

Friday, Apr. 19, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Kingsmen Park

Earth Day, officially recognized on April 22, is observed in over 192 countries and celebrated by millions of people around the world. Cal Lutheran’s second annual Earth Day Sustainability Fair will feature information booths and resources related to climate change, environmental justice and sustainability, including a clothing swap. Fair Trade items will be available for purchase. 

This event is free.

 Sponsored By The Center for Global Engagement


Youth Director Wanted

Ascension is now accepting applications for a new Youth Director. If you or someone you know has the heart for this ministry, please check out the details. And everyone, please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us. Here is more information on this career opportunity.

In Case You Missed It…

In Need of Prayer

Click here for this week’s Prayer List


This Week

Acts 3:12-19
Psalm 4
1 John 3:1-7
Luke 24:36b-48

Next Week

Acts 4:5-12
Psalm 23
1 John 3:16-24
John 10:11-18

Our Prayer

We pray that you may once again meet the Risen Christ through the Word and Sacrament ministry, and through the fellowship of this family of faith.

If you do not have a church home, we would like to invite you to worship with our Ascension family again.

All people who are baptized and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

May God bless you in your worship!

Pastors Tim Delkeskamp and Steve Herder

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